Thursday, 17 March 2011

Taking Flight

It's come to my attention that up and coming Designers are always designing to suit their clients or  the public  . But today i met a up and coming Designer who amazes me with the  blood , sweat , and heart she puts into her Garments  .
Gabriella Marina Gonzalez
When she walked in the room she  left me speachless .
This is a someone who truly understand what fashion is all about  .
It's not about Trends . It's about knowing what you like and expressing it through what you wear .
She doesnt earn as much as you think but she stays true to herself  ,  which i Adore and respect on all levels  .

Her clothes are works of art , carfeully hand made , and beautifully crafted and cared for  .
Here are some of her pieces  , check her out i gaurentee you will not be disappointed .

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